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Unity Recovery Center is a leading drug treatment center that recognizes drug addiction as a disease that not only affects the abuser, but his or her loved ones as well. Our model of care is based on and incorporates Twelve-Step and holistic treatment, two successful modules of drug rehab that have been able to provide all of our patients with the best chance for long-term recovery. When a person realizes their addiction is causing problems in his or her life or the lives of those around them, ending a drug addiction is never easy. For years, Unity Rehab has been helping those struggling with an addiction get the help they need, safely, successfully and affordably. We credit our success to developing drug treatment programs for each of our patients based solely on their own addiction needs, not just the drug they are addicted to.

The experienced staff at Unity Rehab understands that when it comes to drug treatment, some of the most important issues a patient must overcome are largely psychological. A successful drug treatment center will have a drug rehab program that offers several key components to treat both the physical as well as emotional aspects of addiction. Drug treatment programs may include individual and group therapy, holistic treatment for the mind body and soul, and educational classes that help patients better understand their addiction.

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Unity Rehab's drug treatment center offers all of these components and more. In addition to a comprehensive residential treatment program where each patient receives their own special tailored drug treatment plan, Unity Rehab also offers aftercare services that ensure a patient receives the help they need in order to sustain sobriety long after they have left our care. As a premiere drug treatment center in Florida, it is not only important that we take care of patients will they are inside our facility, but that we do so for the rest of their lives.

Florida Drug Treatment Center

Detox and the physical removal of a drug is very important, but detoxing is only part of the first few weeks of drug treatment, where the road to recovery has only just begun. At Unity Rehab's drug treatment center, our focus is to help our patients understand their drug addiction. This includes the root issues of why a patient began using and abusing drugs in the first place. Ignoring these issues or leaving them untreated only opens patients up to the possibility of relapse in the future.

By creating a tailored drug treatment program for every patient, Unity Rehab's experienced professionals will be able to focus on each patient's addiction individually and better delve into their independent addiction issues. Treating each patient's addiction issues individually ensures that the patient is given the best chance of recovery once they leave our drug treatment center.